Something is Musty: Is it the Mold?

You know it when you see it and smell it. The musty side of mold. Anyone who has ever been in a musty dank basement knows the unpleasant smell of mold. It has an acrid smell that is close and sharp, it is usually accompanied by the damp smell or presence of water that is […]

Moisture Control at Home

It is important for home owners to control moisture, here’s why.  The unchecked buildup of moisture in the home is a recipe for mold, and mold will not pass up an opportunity to thrive in a moist and humid environment. It’s worth the extra attention to find and banish home moisture sources.Water is used daily […]

Factors Contributing to Indoor Mold Growth

Mold will grow anywhere in the home if left unchecked. There are many diverse factors that can contribute to the growth of mold and fungus in indoor environments. When fungus and molds are found growing inside of a home or office environment, there is usually a complex group of factors that precipitate mold growth inside […]

Why Is Your Home So Humid? You’d Better Fix That Condition Right Away!

Overly humidifying the home will bring mold, you can count on it. Adding humidity to a home in winter can help to decrease the amount of dry air that generally circulates in the home. But do you really want your home to feel like a sauna in the middle of winter? That is not the […]

Help! I Think My Home Is Making Me Sick!

Read on for tips if you think your home is working against you (BTW it is not!). We all get winter colds and can come home from work with a cold “caught” in the public arena. But the home is a sanctuary, and it is the place where we go to get comfortable at the […]

Why Russell County Residents Are Better Off Turning to Professionals for Odor Removal Services

You’re not alone in dealing with a strange odor. Many homeowners face a problem that can only be solved by professional odor removal services. A local, trusted restoration team is the key to eliminating foul smells.Why Hire an Odor Removal ExpertYes, there are DIY steps that can mask an odor in your home. What about […]

Stop Holiday Cooking Fires in Auburn with Our Expert Fire Safety Tips | Restoration 1 of East Alabama

The damage caused by a house fire is overwhelming. During the holidays, such a fire typically occurs in the kitchen. When you’re trying to cook a holiday feast, with children underfoot, one misstep could lead to a blaze — knowing how to stay safe while cooking is paramount.At Restoration 1 of East Alabama, we hope […]

Why Sewage Cleanup for Columbus Homeowners Is Better Left Up to the Pros

If you’re like most homeowners, when you’re face-to-face with property damage, you turn to the internet for answers. When it comes to sewage cleanup in Columbus, AL, however, trusting in instructions from a blog can be dangerous. Raw sewage is contaminated with harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites.Sewage cleanup is best left to the experts. You […]

Fire Safety Tips and Tricks Alexander City Homeowners Need for a Safe Holiday

The holiday season is meant to be a memorable time for friends and family to share. With all the extra components — decorations, holiday trees, cooking — it’s easy to forget that fire damage is a common holiday concern. We’ve gathered a few helpful fire safety tips to safeguard your festivities!Seasonal Fire SafetyAuburn AL Fire […]

Auburn Residents Should Know the Facts Involving Disaster Cleanup

Following any sort of ordeal, especially when it comes to disaster cleanup , your focus should be solely on keeping you and your family safe. Depending on the disaster in question, the event may not be over with. Take, for example, flooding. Just because the all-clear has been given does not mean the flood damage […]