Fire Prevention Week Is Here — Every Auburn, AL Home Needs a Fire Safety Plan

Fire Prevention Week is just around the corner — the time of the year when everyone comes together to reduce the risk of fire in homes across the country. For most of us, fire safety education started and stopped in grade school. Now, as a homeowner, you owe it to yourself and to your family […]

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair Costs in Auburn, AL 2019

Not only can a fire in your Auburn, AL home be a major upheaval for you and your family, but the smoke and fire damage can be a major cleanup project. It is important for you to understand what the costs can be in your area for a fire restoration project.The Cost of Fire Damage […]

Tips for Getting Rid of Mold in East Alabama Before It Gets You

Mold is a relatively common occurrence. You can find certain species of mold growing in between the tiles of your bathroom, on cardboard boxes in the basement and inside of your drywall. Mold is everywhere. A small amount likely won’t make you terribly ill. If you don’t act, that small mold problem will quickly worsen. […]

Fire Damage Restoration for Commercial Properties: The Process You Can Trust

As a property owner, it’s likely rare that you consider certain forms of property damage. You might give zero thought to mold, for instance. Fire, however, is almost always a concern — a genuine one — that is at the back of your mind. A slight mistake in the kitchen, or an employee using machinery […]

Water Damage – the Toll a Leak Can Take on Your East Alabama Home

When you’re dealing with water damage, time is of the essence. You are, literally, on the clock. On average, you have around 48 hours before water damage that has been sitting escalates to the next category, so clean water turns to gray water, for example, and mold begins to grow. It’s just a complete mess […]

June Is the Start of Hurricane Season – Here’s How to Prepare

There are few situations more devastating than a hurricane. Though we’re not directly along the coast, the resulting wind, water, and debris from a hurricane can wreak absolute havoc on entire neighborhoods within a matter of minutes. Alongside shattering your home, a hurricane can shatter your life. But being prepared can save you time and […]

What Is the Average Cost of Storm Damage Restoration in Columbus, GA?

Here in Columbus, we’re no strangers to afternoon thunderstorms and bad weather, especially as spring transitions to summer. Trees fall, windows break, and homes need repairs. The question is, how much will homeowners pay to recover from particularly bad weather?There’s no firm answer to that question, unfortunately. Too many factors can impact the price of […]

Is Your Home in Columbus, GA Prepared for Tornado Season 2019?

We all worry about natural disasters touching down close to home. For some, the reality is that these storms happen all the time. Just recently, a severe tornado touched down near Beauregard, AL , where at least 23 were killed and dozens more were injured in the wake. At the time, Governor Kay Ivey declared […]

Why Do Mold Spores Grow in East Alabama?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it’s unclear how many types of mold fungi exist in the world today. The best guess is currently between tens of thousands and over three hundred thousand.Mold is a type of fungi that is found naturally in the environment. It’s all around us: in the […]

Main Causes of Home Fires in East Alabama

A house fire is devastating and one of the worst disasters any homeowner can endure. Many of your possessions are burnt to a crisp. Memories and possessions, and maybe even your entire home, could be lost in the blaze.Here in East Alabama, we are no stranger to house fires. In fact, Alabama is listed as […]