The NEGATIVE health impacts of mold infestation!

Do you have mold related health issues in East Alabama? Indoors and outdoors, mold is a fungus that grows in damp environments. There are many different types of molds and the visible traits of some are, yellow slime, damp looking stains, or other colorful looking fuzzy patches. Mold can be found hiding too, such as […]

Polluted water, are you drinking it?

Are you drinking and handling polluted water in East Alabama? Sewage or sewer backups should ALWAYS be cleaned up by a professional water restoration company. Aside from the obvious sewage contaminants from sewer lines, there is so much water pollution, that even our drinking water can contain harmful pathogens like chemicals, drug residuals, pesticides and […]

When Was the Last Time You Performed an Inventory Audit?

A flood can wipe out your inventory overnight. Being prepared is the best solution. Ah, the dreaded inventory…when is the last time that your business performed a comprehensive business inventory? Inventory audits are required for all types of businesses to ensure that they are able to manage, track and assess all company assets. But do […]

Why Are Those Paint Cans a High Hazard?

Paint is a hazard, but after a flood they are even more dangerous. That old paint can in the garage, basement or shed near the home is a potential hazard in the event of a flood in that area of the property. Paints are used in nearly every household. These paints come in different varieties, […]

Professional Restoration Companies Follow ANSI and IICRC Recommendations, Here’s Why!

The ANSI and IICRC guidelines are the gold standard to follow for water damage remediation services in East Alabama/Columbus. Professional restoration companies follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) guidelines for recommending safety protocols and practices related to remediation after a water damage loss. These are two agencies that […]

Is Your East Alabama Business Ready for a Flood?

Recover your business in East Alabama/Columbus, Alabama with experts trained in the water damage disaster recovery services. It is true that any business in the East Alabama/Columbus, Alabama area and surrounding regions can be susceptible to a flooding event. For this reason, it is highly critical that every business organization be prepared to ready the business for […]

Hurricane Season 2020 Is One for the Record Books Already!

What can be expected for this year’s hurricane season? The 2020 hurricane season has made history with being the most active hurricane season on record so far. The Penn State’s Earth System Science Center and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration noted an unusually high number of hurricanes this year, with 13 named storms already in the books. The […]

Small Business Preparation for Reopening After COVID-19

What to do to keep everyone safe in a small business? The pandemic has changed the way all businesses operate, that much is true. But small businesses specifically need to be aware of how to manage the new protocols and practices, in order to keep their employees and customers safe from COVID-19. COVID-19 is a serious […]

Water Damage to Walls After Flooding

Is your infrastructure sound after the floodwaters recede? Residential and commercial properties are susceptible to flooding on lower structural levels any time that there are high water or natural disasters that bring water close to the structures. When a basement area or a lower living area of a work area of a commercial building retains water, it […]

Recommendations for Residential Fire and Smoke Cleanup Procedures

What to do when you have had a fire and smoke loss? Fires can start in the home at any time. In the usual case, fires start in a residence when a flammable material is exposed to too much heat, and oxygen accelerates the material to catch on fire. The material will only catch fire if it […]