Prolonged Exposure to Stormwaters and Contamination Can Make You Sick

What is in stormwater that is hazardous to your health? Stormwater can contain more than just storm runoff from city or town area floods. There is a high chance that there are viruses, bacteria, mycotoxins, chemicals, pesticides and other contaminants that can be found in stormwaters. This is because stormwaters are dangerous and as they move across […]

Why Isn’t Flood Damage Covered in Homeowner’s Insurance?

What are the basics of homeowner’s insurance policies? If you are a current homeowner, you probably have a good idea of what is and isn’t covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. But, if you are considering buying a home for the first time, you may want to keep reading to find out more about the extent of […]

Severe Weather Disaster Plans Benefit Commercial Property Owners Before the Storm

It pays to be ready for any disaster or weather-related emergency. Weather predictions are often accurate, but no one can accurately predict the exact moment that a storm will hit a commercial property. Storm waters often rise above the level of general entry to a commercial space, and high winds from a severe weather or […]

Sewage Cleanups – Contamination Proof the Correct Way!

Sewage Cleanups need to be managed quickly to prevent the spread of diseases. Water damage can be heightened when sewage water is involved in the mix. Water damage is always considered an emergency, and when raw sewage has had a chance to run into the floodwaters, there is a higher chance of exposure to dangerous […]

Mold Finds Sneaky Hiding Places in the Home

Homeowners need to be on the lookout for mold, 24/7. Mold Grows Where You Least Expect It Your home may be bright and sunny, and still harbor an untenable amount of mold. It’s true, and most people are surprised of the build-up of mold that is actually lurking in their homes once the mold is […]

What Are VOCs and Why Are They Dangerous?

VOCs can release dangerous toxins into the air, read on for why. Any time that there is a water damage even in the home in East Alabama/Columbus areas, such as a spillover of water from a bathtub or washing machine, or a flooded basement, there is a risk of exposure to VOCs. Volatile Organic Compounds […]

Your Mold Inspection Will Determine the Mold Remediation Plan

You need a plan to get rid of mold, read on for how to do it. Mold found in the home can be from a number of different causes. These causes put together can mean that the home is highly likely to start growing mold spores. You need a plan to help you prevent the […]

Something is Musty: Is it the Mold?

You know it when you see it and smell it. The musty side of mold. Anyone who has ever been in a musty dank basement knows the unpleasant smell of mold. It has an acrid smell that is close and sharp, it is usually accompanied by the damp smell or presence of water that is […]

Moisture Control at Home

It is important for home owners to control moisture, here’s why.  The unchecked buildup of moisture in the home is a recipe for mold, and mold will not pass up an opportunity to thrive in a moist and humid environment. It’s worth the extra attention to find and banish home moisture sources.Water is used daily […]

Factors Contributing to Indoor Mold Growth

Mold will grow anywhere in the home if left unchecked. There are many diverse factors that can contribute to the growth of mold and fungus in indoor environments. When fungus and molds are found growing inside of a home or office environment, there is usually a complex group of factors that precipitate mold growth inside […]