Dealing With the Aftermath of Storm Damage in Your East Alabama Home

Dealing with property damage, especially damage from a severe storm, can be overwhelming. You, as a homeowner, are likely prepared for various occurrences involving minor damage. You know how to handle a plumbing leak, for example. But cleaning up after a hurricane, tornado, or other severe storm is an entirely new level of work. It’s both difficult and dangerous. The first priority is thinking about keeping your family safe. Safety is absolutely paramount. Then, once that’s handled, you can consider dealing with the aftermath of storm damage to your East Alabama home.
Staying Safe After Storm DamageHere’s a few tips on keeping yourself and your family safe immediately following significant storm damage. These tips apply to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters such as flooding. We’ll say it again: Safety is paramount.

  • Listen to the radio or watch television (if you still have power) for emergency broadcasts and updates regarding the storm
  • If possible, do not venture outdoors until the authorities have deemed the situation “all-clear”
  • Never enter a building with structural damage – it is just plain unsafe
  • Do not swim or wade into flood waters due to contamination, fleeing wildlife, and potentially harmful encounters with floating or submerged debris
  • If given the opportunity, check on your neighbors. Your neighborhood may pull together in the aftermath of storm damage
  • When you smell gas, turn off your gas supply at the meter to prevent a possible explosion
  • Keep your pets indoors, and when outside, keep them on a leash at all times
  • At the scene, do not eat any perishable foods that were warmed over 40 degrees Fahrenheit

What to Do After a HurricaneThe aftermath of a hurricane is potentially devastating. A severe hurricane, over Category 3, can typically reach inland as far as 100 miles. Every home or business within this area is put at risk – and it’s not only from intense wind speeds. A hurricane means flooding, fallen power lines, and various other predicaments. The damage to some regions may be unfathomable.Here’s a few steps to take after hurricane storm damage:
Emergency Repairs – You should call for professional damage restoration services in East Alabama as soon as you can. In doing so, you will secure prompt and professional service. Of course, some tasks require other immediate action on your part. Emergency stop-gap measures after a hurricane include covering broken windows with plastic, or setting out buckets to catch water from a roof leak
File a Claim – You will always want to file a claim with your insurance provider. Filing a claim will activate the entire process, including having an insurance adjuster visit to examine the damage. You’ll then receive compensation to cover repairs and restoration
Safe Lodging – Your home is likely uninhabitable at the moment, so you’ll want to secure lodging. You may have friends or family outside of the hurricane’s area of influence. Otherwise, hotels or motels throughout the region are often willing to take in families devastated by hurricanes
Secure prompt storm damage restoration in East Alabama with the very best in the business. Call Restoration 1 of East Alabama, 24 hours a day.