Is Your East Alabama Business Ready for a Flood?

Recover your business in East Alabama/Columbus, Alabama with experts trained in the water damage disaster recovery services.

It is true that any business in the East Alabama/Columbus, Alabama area and surrounding regions can be susceptible to a flooding event. For this reason, it is highly critical that every business organization be prepared to ready the business for the event of an actual flood disaster. In the event of a flood that impacts a business, the 2014 data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the US Department of Labor note that after the flood loss:

•    40% of the small businesses will not reopen
•    25% of the small businesses will close a year later
•    75% of the businesses without a business continuity plan will fail 3 years later

Businesses in general should consider developing a Disaster Preparedness Plan on what the business will do in the event of a flood, floodwater or stormwater invasion risk to the business property. The steps that the business could follow to help save the business is to:
      1.   Identify the business risk
      2.   Develop a plan
      3.   Take action
      4.   Follow through with updating the plan each year

Being Aware of the Business Risks Reduces Issues

The business needs to first look at the risks of a flood and determine which assets it needs to protect. The assets of a business include the:
•    Property
•    Papers, files, contracts
•    Business operations
•    Goods
•    Services resources
•    Cash flow
•    Competitive advantage and reputation

There should be discussion with the business owners on how to protect these far-reaching assets of the business in the event of a flood or water damage disaster.

Develop a Plan for Recovery

Next, the business or organization will need to review the risks and put together a plan to manage the:

•    Staff (all employees and vendors)
•    Surroundings (putting up flood walls)
•    Space (inventory, furniture in the business)
•    Systems (utilities, computer server)
•    Structure (vulnerable construction such as in a lower level basement area)
•    Service (keeping going in the community with all business services, etc.)

The business will need to put a viable plan in place that will mitigate any dangers, hazards or delays to continuing the business if a flood event does occur.

Take Action to Begin Recovery

Once the Disaster Preparedness Plan for the business is created, it will need to be put into place. The business will need to form checklists to determine the best way to protect the business according to its needs, to help it to be able to continue serving the community during and after the floodwater or water damage event.

Follow Through and Update the Plan Each Year

Finally, the business should start a plan to follow through with all aspects of the plan and make a decision to update it each year. For example, if a business is operating in a region where there were snow falls and one year there is a 100-year storm on record, this will present problems of increased amounts of potential flooding and rising rivers in the spring. Those record level water from storms may cause flooding in the next season, and if the business records these weather events, it is possible to update the plans to anticipate floods and stormwater events in the future as a result. The business plan should be updated to include past weather events, and may allow forecasting or an accurate prediction of weather patterns going forward to help mitigate any severe weather events in the future.  

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