Main Causes of Home Fires in East Alabama

A house fire is devastating and one of the worst disasters any homeowner can endure. Many of your possessions are burnt to a crisp. Memories and possessions, and maybe even your entire home, could be lost in the blaze.
Here in East Alabama, we are no stranger to house fires. In fact, Alabama is listed as one of the states with the most fire-related deaths in the country. Alabama is currently number three on this list. Homeowners in the area need to be watchful of fire risks in their home.
According to the same statistics mentioned previously, there are thousands of fire deaths each year. Why? Unfortunately, too few homeowners are educated in the most common fire risks in East Alabama.
Primary Causes of House FiresIn total, it’s hard to say just how many fire risks there are in the average home. The most common tend to be right in front of you.

  • Cooking – Cooking, according to the National Fire Protection Association, remains the number one cause of home fires in the entire country. An active stovetop is liable to catch a nearby flammable object on fire or someone accidentally tips a hot pan over. It’s easy to make a mistake or walk away while cooking.
  • Electrical – Your home’s electrical system is another common cause of house fires. Appliances that you use each day, such as a toaster, can easily catch fire and cause devastation. Most often, these fires start because of a frayed or broken wire. Occasionally, it’s smart to check the wires on all your appliances. If any are damaged, be sure to replace them promptly.
  • Heating – Heating systems tend to cause house fires year-round. If it gets cold, many homeowners will plug-in a portable space heater. These heaters must be at least three feet from any flammable objects, such as furniture, clothing, or curtains. Otherwise, you run the risk of a house fire.
  • Candles – A lit candle, when left unattended, can tip over and ignite a nearby flammable object. Like a portable space heater, a lit candle should be kept at least three feet from any flammable items. If you are leaving the room, be sure to put the candle out.

Fire Damage RestorationFollowing a significant house fire, you’ll want to schedule immediate fire damage restoration. Most local restoration companies will offer 24-hour emergency restoration services. When you call, they will arrive within the hour to tackle any fire and smoke damage. With a certified team and advanced restoration equipment, you’ll have your home back soon enough.
Contact Restoration 1 of East Alabama for 24/7 fire and smoke damage restoration services. We help homeowners and local businesses flourish and return stronger than ever after a severe house fire!