Mold Finds Sneaky Hiding Places in the Home

Homeowners need to be on the lookout for mold, 24/7.

Mold Grows Where You Least Expect It

Your home may be bright and sunny, and still harbor an untenable amount of mold. It’s true, and most people are surprised of the build-up of mold that is actually lurking in their homes once the mold is found out. Here are a few reminders regarding areas in the home that homeowners need to check on regularly to ensure that there is a prevention of growth of mold spores.
In the case that the home has experienced high humidity or a recent water damage or flood damage loss, mold growth will not be far behind. That is unless you are able to check in every nook and cranny to make sure that mold has not taken on a strong hold in unreachable areas of the home. This is because mold is able to grow quickly in crawlspaces and attics where there is a lack of proper light and ventilation to the outside. Check around these areas to ensure that there is a barrier security from the prevention from access for rodents and critters.

Moisture Left On Walls Can Promote Mold Growth

It will also be necessary to check on a regular basis to help prevent an accumulation of condensation on the walls in these areas of the home. The addition of moisture on the walls may be because of a breach in the vapor barrier of the home, and this should also be remediated to prevent the growth of molds. 

One area that is often overlooked are the HVAC systems of a home. Mold can grow in air conditioning units, air ducts, heating and cooling ducts, near wood stoves and fireplaces, space heaters or anywhere that humidifiers or dehumidifiers are used frequently in the home. It is a good idea to frequently check these areas for mold spores, to stay on top of any mold growth in these regions of the home. When the HVAC systems need to be cleaned, or if they have not been cleaned out in a long time, it will be time to call in the professionals.

Mold Can Travel Quite Easily Room To Room

Dust and lint can hold, grow and carry mold spores as well. How this occurs is that the dust and lint that accumulates in carpets is highly susceptible to also becoming a virtual magnet for moisture – and mold loves anything wet! Frequent vacuuming and dusting may help alleviate the lint and dust bunnies, and will help to prevent the growth and spread of mold as well.
Always Check For Mold Underneath Furniture First

A final place to check for mold in the home is behind and underneath any furniture that is pushed up against a window. In those areas, condensation can drip down the wall, and become trapped behind furniture that is too close to a window. Keep all furniture a few inches away from the wall in all of the rooms of a home, but especially around window ledges.

This list is a way to help prevent mold from hiding in sneaky out of the way places in the home. It is possible for you to stay on top of it to prevent the development of mold spores in the home in unseen areas. Keeping track of mold will help to make your home environment an even safer place to live. When you are in need of a professional cleaning, especially after a water damage, flooded basement or water loss from spill overs with an appliance, just give us a call. We are able to respond to you 24/7 and remediate your water damage right away. You can call us now, we have operators standing by to take your call.