Odor Removal – How to Effectively Get Rid of Bad Smells in Your Home

Let’s face it: our homes smell from time to time! Between kids, pets, and household odors, sometimes they develop and linger longer than we’d like. Well, whether your odors stem from dirty laundry, food, or else anything under the sun, we have you covered when dealing with common household odors. Keep in mind, though, that your odor issue may require more than a quick fix. This is where professional odor removal comes in. Musty odors could be indicative of a mold infestation somewhere in your home, so be on the lookout and schedule a mold inspection as needed.
Let the Air InWhile we’re still in the midst of winter, it’s too early to imagine warm, sunny weather just yet. As soon as it warms up, if you notice a lingering smell that you can’t seem to combat, open the windows and air out your home. There’s nothing like fresh spring air!
The Magic of Baking SodaBaking soda is a wonder in the world of natural odor removal. You can apply it to many areas and in cleaning solutions, most notably in your refrigerator and trash can. It’s as simple as opening a box of baking soda and setting it in your fridge in an area that allows for circulation.
With your garbage can, you have two options: sprinkling baking soda in the bottom of the container to remain there bag after bag, or pouring some into a bag of garbage when it begins to develop an odor. Mixing a ½ cup of baking soda with two quarts of warm water also creates the perfect cleaning solution to give that refrigerator or trash can a scrub down!
Lastly, if you are concerned that your carpeting, rugs, or car interiors have developed an unpleasant odor, pour a liberal amount of baking soda over the area and allow it to sit for several hours before vacuuming it up. You should be good to go!
Citrus and SaltIf you smell an unpleasant odor in your kitchen and it isn’t coming from your trash can, it’s probably coming from your garbage disposal. Food can easily get trapped in there and start to break down. Even after you flush everything out, the smell can be persistent.
To replace that gross smell with a sweet, pleasant one, peel any kind of citrus fruit and grind the peels into your disposal. If citrus isn’t your preferred scent, you can use ½ cup of salt and do the same thing. It will neutralize the odor and serve an additional purpose by scraping away all of the remaining food residue.
Restoration 1 of East Alabama Is Your Local Team of Odor Removal ExpertsRestoration 1 of East Alabama is the team you need if you have persistent odors in your home. We utilize the most advanced equipment and techniques to resolve any unforeseen issues, even beyond household smells. Contact us today to schedule odor removal services.
About The AuthorMike Bauer is the owner of Restoration 1 of East Alabama. Mike and his team are certified by the IICRC and are experts in the restoration industry.