Problems You Might Face During A Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup auburn alFloods can severely damage or even completely damage your structure. Flooding may happen due to external factors like bad thunderstorms or internal issues such as plumbing malfunctions. Floodwaters contain unidentified pesticides and other chemicals that could pollute and discolor your walls and floors and also cause significant structural damage to your building.

Water Damage Cleanup Auburn AL

If you have experienced water damage from flood events in your Pelham home, you’re familiar with how bad and quickly things can turn around. Here are a few problems that our experts at Restoration 1 of East Alabama have encountered over the years that you will face in addition to the excess water.


Mold always starts to develop 24 to 48 hours after any type of water damage. It continues growing as long as there is standing water present. Because mold reproduces through tiny pores, it could easily spread through the atmosphere to other rooms in the house, and not just the flooded area. 

Mold and mildew in the air can cause watery eyes, coughs, sneezing, itchy throat, headaches, and dizziness. Residual water damage and improper drying will contribute significantly to the growth of mildew. Hence, without a quick response and proper water damage restoration tools, you will leave your house at a huge risk for mold growth.

Structural Issues

If you do not clean up flood damage quickly and effectively, it jeopardizes the structural integrity of your building. Water damage tends to affect your home’s flooring, ceiling, walls, and foundation. These building components are made of porous materials that absorb excess water in the event of a flood. This results in swelling, deterioration, and warping over time. 

The most significant risk with structural failure is that the majority of it goes undetected until the issue becomes too severe to ignore. Hidden moisture will not be visible until it starts to swell, warp, bend, crack, and deteriorate inside walls, beneath floorboards, in your foundation, or the ceiling.


If your property has flooded, always treat the standing water as if it is contaminated. Water from external sources, like rivers, streams, and septic lines, will pose extremely hazardous health risks. If you come into contact with or consume biohazards or highly contaminated water, they can cause severe health problems. Water that has flooded into your home may have come into direct contact with different household chemicals, increasing the level of contamination.

Electrical Issues

When you discover flood damage in your house, switch off the power to the areas affected immediately. Water and power do not mix well. Flood damage, if not resolved immediately, can end up causing blown circuits, electronic equipment damage, and even house fires and electrocution. Consider every power cord, outlet, or electronic which has been exposed to flooding should be considered dangerous and you should turn it on.

Flood damage in your residence can be stressful, but the great news is that Restoration 1 of East Alabama is always here to assist. The minute you experience water damage, let our team help you in repairing and restoring your property back to normal. Call us right away if you need assistance with water damage cleanup, our team is ready 24/7.