Storm Recovery

We offer prompt damage assessment, pretesting, and cleanup services in East Alabama, Columbus, GA, and surrounding areas.

Why Hire Restoration 1?

When it comes to damages caused by floods, hurricanes, heavy rainfall, and other storm-related events, it’s hard to feel like we’re in control of our situation. While there’s nothing we can do about the events from occurring, there are important steps we can take before and after to help prevent and recover from damages.

At Restoration 1, we’ve helped people recover from damages incurred from a variety of natural disasters. We have access to a large inventory of equipment and resources to help you recover from a range of damages. Call us immediately after a storm and we’ll rush to your aid.

Access To Tools & Resources

Whether you’re dealing with structural or water damages, we can address all your cleaning and restoration needs with our large inventory. 

Local Restoration Company

We’re a local company dedicated to making each customer feel like they’re valued. We take the time to assess your unique situation before beginning the restoration process. 

High Standards

All our work is completed to meet the highest quality standards. We ensure the full cleanup and removal of moisture and debris left behind from a storm.


Roof Tarping & Board Up Services

Depending on the severity, storm damage restoration can take more time than we like. During the reconstructive phase, we offer board-up and roof tarping services to protect your property from sustaining further damage until full repairs are complete. Board-up and tarping can protect your property from the outside elements, vandals, pests, and more inclement weather. Once property repairs are complete, we’ll remove these temporary protective barriers.

Types Of Natural Disasters


Being in the Dixie Alley, residents in Alabama are well aware of the damages that a tornado can introduce. Whether it’s caused by flying debris or circulating high winds, your property is at risk when a tornado strikes.

Heavy Rains

Water from rainfall can seep in through the windows, holes in the roof, and other openings in a building. It’s important to address any leaks quickly to prevent further damages and mold growth.


Heavy rains can also cause flash floods. Floodwater is usually contaminated and must be avoided at all costs. Whenever there’s a flood problem, be sure to call for expert help immediately.

The Restoration 1 Promise

3 Steps For Storm Damage Restoration


Call Now

We don’t waste any time arriving at your location.


We Do the Work

We come equipped and ready to handle the damage from start to finish.



You can relax knowing your property is restored back to normal. 

Let Restoration 1 Help Conquer Damages Caused By A Storm

When it comes to dealing with storm damages, we have all the tools, expertise, and resources to help you back on your feet. No matter the size or scope of damage you’re dealing with, we’re dedicated to serving all our neighbors in East Alabama, Columbus, and surrounding areas. Give us a call immediately after a fire and we’ll be by your side throughout the entire storm damage cleanup process.