Steps To Take If Your Ceiling Has Water Damage

water damage cleanup auburn alWater is an essential part of life that can, unfortunately, be devastating to homeowners when it reaches places it shouldn’t. Each year, there are approximately 1 in 50 homeowners in the US file a water damage claim with their insurance company. Many of these claims have to do with water damage in the ceiling. Checking your ceiling for damage after these events helps you control repair costs. Identifying the damage early may help you avoid structural damage and mold infestation. It also helps to understand water damage restoration needed, depending on the damage. 

Water Damage Cleanup – Auburn AL

Causes Of Ceiling Water Damage

Water damage can appear in the ceilings for a multitude of reasons. Unfortunately, most of the reasons are hidden, since it is occurring above the ceiling. It’s important to know what these causes are so that you aren’t caught in long-term water damage. Moreover, you can know what to do to prevent it from happening. 

Roof Damage

A roof can be damaged if it is not taken care of or has just become too old and needs to be replaced. Missing shingles or flashing can allow for water to seep through. If you do not have an attic or the size of the leak is big, it will cause damage to the interior ceiling. If it is wintertime, ice damming is a huge problem that will need to be taken care of consistently to lower the chances of roof damage

Pipe Leak

Pipes in the ceiling can burst, crack, or leak without a homeowner’s knowledge. This is one problem that often goes unnoticed since it is behind the ceiling. Unfortunately, it can continue to cause damage for long periods of time, worsening the issue. 

Overflowing Toilet/Sink/Tub

If there is a second floor, overflowing bathroom fixtures can actually cause floor damage to the bathroom floor and the ceiling below the bathroom. 

Signs Of Water Damage In The Ceiling

If your ceiling has water leaking through the drywall or plaster or has had a huge bubble form on it, it’s pretty easy to tell that there is water damage present above. However, not all the signs are as obvious:

  • Water spots that are yellow or brown in color
  • The ceilings paint is bubbling, cracking, or peeling
  • Bulging or soft drywall
  • Moldy, mildewy smell

Mold growth will start up in the area where the water damage has occurred. This is a surefire sign that you’re dealing with water buildup and damage. If the water damage and mold are left to spread, it is likely there will be further structural damage.

If you notice that the ceilings in your home are looking like the signs above, you are dealing with water damage somewhere in your home. More likely than not, that water damage is unseen and difficult to reach on your own. It’s imperative to not just ignore it either, though. The longer it is left to reside within a home, the worse the problem will get. Water damage cleanup needs to happen immediately. However, not everyone is equipped to deal with water damage cleanup. Rather than attempt it on your own, contact professionals at Restoration 1 of East Alabama. They will be able to clear your home of water damage and bring it back to its original state.