Terrifying Facts About Tornadoes

In East Alabama, tornadoes are a scary possibility that we have to accept every time the season rolls around. On July 21, 2018, the town of Opelika experienced severe thunderstorms and an EF-0 tornado with visible rotation. It was a frightening event for residents of the area and served as a reminder that tornadoes are no stranger to East Alabama. Here are some things you need to know about these powerful storms in order to help protect your family and your home in the case of future tornado activity.
Listen for a Freight Train SoundOnce they touch down, tornadoes make their way across land with a loud, roaring sound similar to a freight train coming down the tracks at full speed. It is an unmistakable sound that is rather fitting for a storm that can destroy everything in its wake in no time at all. You should take necessary precautions once you are aware of any tornado warnings, but if you hear anything resembling this sound, you need to take shelter immediately.
Don’t Forget About HailHail frequently accompanies tornadoes, and is often baseball-sized or larger. Hail of this size is dangerous to anyone caught outside and can cause major damage to cars, homes, and other structures. Pay attention to any warning of this potential tornado byproduct, and make sure you are safely inside if hail is headed your way.
Tornadoes Vary in Length and SizeAccording to National Geographic , when it comes to how long tornadoes last, they are generally one of two extremes: very quick or extremely long and devastating. After the funnel forms, a tornado could dissipate in as little as a few seconds if it does not have enough power behind it. With the proper strength, though, a tornado can last up to three hours, causing unpredictable devastation. The biggest tornadoes can tear through up to 300 miles in an hour. The widest tornado in recorded history occurred in Oklahoma, reaching 2.6 miles wide at its peak.
Do Not Underestimate a TornadoTornadoes should never be underestimated or taken lightly. On average, tornadoes cause 80 deaths per year and more than 1,500 injuries. If tornado activity is possible in your area, constantly monitor the weather and heed any instructions given by meteorologists and emergency officials for the safety of yourself and your family.
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