The dangers of Motel Mold!

Have you stayed in a motel filled with mold in East Alabama?

The idea behind a motel/hotel was a place for travelers to rest themselves from traveling that mimicked home. Years ago, it was considered to be a safe and tranquil place, unlike the establishments of today. Fly by night motels with monetary bottom lines have no interest in your comfort or heath, and many are filled with mold damage at the very least.

If you are a motel owner, DO NOT ignore the signs of mold. Black mold, the most dangerous releases mycotoxins into the air, which lead to respiratory illnesses, headaches and produce foul odors.


  • Take a few deep breaths when you walk into a motel lobby. If there is a mold problem, you will smell it. Do the same when you enter the room. If you smell mold, decline the room and if you have other options, use them.
  • Bathrooms are the most likely areas for mold since there is moisture and humidity. Look between the grout and around the bathtub and toilet on the floor. If you see some fungus, let the motel management know and request that they send it out to be tested so you know what you were exposed to.
  • Wallpaper is very noticeable when it’s peeling off the wall and it’s a tell- tale sign of excess moisture which most likely has mold growth.
  • You can show signs of illness from walking into a mold infested room. If you start to get a runny nose or are sneezing, chances are high, there is mold in the air. Leave the room and seek medical attention if the symptoms get bad. Motel employees should heed this warning as well.
  • If you experience itching after using motel towels, there is likely mold. Mold can grow in wet clothing or other fabrics and towels are commonly left on the floor where mold can hop onto the fabric and continue to grow.

Your local Restoration 1 East Alabama hires IICRC certified technicians that can clean and restore your motel if you have a mold problem. Call us today for a detailed and honest quote to get your motel back to a safe and cozy home away from home.