The Difference Between New and Old Water Damage

The difference between new and old water damage in your Opelika home

Water damage is one of the most common problems that a property may face. Especially if it is not in plain sight, a multitude of problems can arise.

In addition to the pipes in the basement, you may also find them in your walls and ceilings. In the event of a leak or condensation, your walls or ceiling may begin to wear out. When it comes to water damage, it isn’t always easy to tell if the damage is new or if it has been present for a long time.

One can assume that the pipes are malfunctioning if water spots appear on the ceiling or wall. However, since the area isn’t visible, it’s difficult to tell how long it’s been going on.

How to tell if water damage is new or old?

There are aspects of water damage that can be determined, but they cannot be traced back to specific dates. This article provides tips for calculating the age of your water damage.

Feel the damaged spots

Simply touching the affected area(s) of the wall will provide you with a lot of information about how old it is. Due to extensive water absorption, older areas may become squishy or mushy as they age. As it stands, the newer spots will still be strong since they have not yet absorbed water. 

Keep an eye out for rings

You can determine the age of a tree in the same way. If a dark spot does not have any rings around it, it indicates newer water damage. It indicates older damage when there are rings around the spot, regardless of how many there are.

Know your house’s history with weather conditions

You should immediately note any spots of water damage. During storms your house can sustain hidden water damage, so keep an eye out for those. Make sure you are familiar with your property as a first step. It may take months for leaks to become apparent. Being familiar with the old will help you pinpoint the new and diagnose the problem more quickly.

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