Tips for Getting Rid of Mold in East Alabama Before It Gets You

Mold is a relatively common occurrence. You can find certain species of mold growing in between the tiles of your bathroom, on cardboard boxes in the basement and inside of your drywall. Mold is everywhere. A small amount likely won’t make you terribly ill. If you don’t act, that small mold problem will quickly worsen. It can ruin your home, possessions and health before long.
Before your mold problem worsens and affects your health, call a local restoration company. Their certified restoration technicians will be able to eliminate any current mold problem through mold remediation and then enact preventative measures to stop any recurring mold.
Preventing Mold and Mildew at HomeAs we said, mold is everywhere. You can find spores in every environment on the planet, including inside of your home. Typically, the spores in the air don’t pose a problem. It’s when those same mold spores settle down and form a colony. Once this colony is formed, toxic mold will release mycotoxins into the air that lead to all manner of respiratory troubles.

  • Add a dehumidifier to your home and keep indoor humidity levels between 30–50 percent to prevent mold build-up.
  • Avoid storing linen, books, or furniture in the basement or attic, as these items are known to become damp with airborne moisture.
  • Open up the bathroom door after showering to release moisture buildup and run the overhead vent to properly ventilate the room.
  • Seal your bathroom grout each year if you have tiles to waterproof the tub.

Getting Rid of a Mold ProblemIf you have recently discovered a mold problem in your home, chances are you want it gone fast. You’re even willing to get your hands dirty and do the job yourself. Well, first off, we do not recommend DIY mold removal or cleanup. It’s far too easy to put your health at risk or release mold spores into the air to spread the colony further.
Here are a few tips we’ve gathered over the years:
Do not use bleach to clean mold. It’s a commonly-spread myth that bleach will kill and clean a mold infestation within your home. Typically, it’s a temporary solution and the mold will return before long.If you absolutely must perform DIY mold cleanup, then use borax. The white powder — available at most grocery stores — can be mixed with hot water and applied to the area. Do not apply the mixture to porous materials, however, as it will exacerbate the mold.
Mold is commonly caused by high humidity, moisture or a recent water leak. If you have not yet eliminated the source, then it won’t be long before mold returns with a vengeance.
For highly-rated mold remediation in Auburn, AL, and the surrounding area, please call Restoration 1 of East Alabama. You can reach us day or night.