Water Damage – the Toll a Leak Can Take on Your East Alabama Home

When you’re dealing with water damage, time is of the essence. You are, literally, on the clock. On average, you have around 48 hours before water damage that has been sitting escalates to the next category, so clean water turns to gray water, for example, and mold begins to grow. It’s just a complete mess and more than a hassle. Even a minor leak can pose a significant problem.
As a homeowner, you need to be ready and willing to deal with a water leak in your East Alabama home at any time. Knowing who to call and when to call for water damage restoration can truly save your home.
Water Damage TimelineAs we said, you’re on the clock when it comes to water damage. As each minute passes, the damage caused by even a small water leak can turn consequential.
Within MinutesWithin just a matter of minutes, the effects of water damage include:

  • The water contamination from a leak will begin to spread, thereby increasing your water damage costs.
  • Any moisture-sensitive furniture, such as soft couch fabrics, will start to stain and discolor.
  • Your furniture sitting atop carpet will stain the carpet material.

Within HoursAfter a few hours, water damage may escalate:
Your furniture in direct contact with the water damage will delaminate and begin to swell or warp.

  • Usual household odors become more apparent and worse because of the humidity.
  • The dyes from fabrics around the home will bleed and stain building materials, such as walls and floors.

Within DaysIn a matter of days, your water damage problem now consists of:

  • Mold will begin to grow, along with the telltale musty odor it brings.
  • Serious warping and cupping from hardwood flooring will become noticeable; the wood will be unsalvageable.
  • Wallpaper will begin to peel away; paint will blister; drywall will need to be cut back.
  • Structural supports within the home, especially those made of wood, will swell, warp, and begin to split apart.

Water Damage Within WeeksBy this point, if you have yet to schedule water damage restoration, it’s likely too late. Total reconstruction may be the only solution.

  • Your mold problem has exacerbated and has sunk into organic materials, destroying their integrity.
  • All household occupants must be evacuated due to rising health hazards.
  • Allergen sensitivities will grow increasingly more common and extensive.
  • The entire structure will need to be gutted, which will increase the price of your claim extensively.

As you can see, dealing with water damage, even from a minor plumbing leak, can be a long, arduous process that is both costly and damaging.
Your best bet is to hire Restoration 1 of East Alabama. We provide 24-hour water damage restoration services at a moment’s notice. For top-rated service you can count on, please call.