What Causes Water Damage Cleanup In Auburn AL

water damage cleanup auburn alWater damage cleanup is one of the most common restoration services we perform here in Auburn. In fact, water damage is the most common disaster that affects homes across the country. There are multiple sources of water that can damage your home, but today we are going to focus on the most common ones so you can help to prevent damage from occurring and help you spot it quick if it does happen. 

Common Causes for Water Damage Cleanup

1. Broken pipes and water hoses:

If the main water line bursts, or corrosion causes old pipes to leak, and even when washing machine water supply hoses fail, water can flood into your home. These problems occur all too often, and while they cannot all be prevented, many of them can. Have your plumbing and water lines inspected regularly by a plumber so you can catch weak, rusty, and old pipes and get them replaced before they burst or leak. Check the water supply hoses that run to and from your washing machine regularly to ensure the connections are secure and there are no leaks. 

2. Overflowing appliances and plumbing fixtures:

Toilets can easily become clogged, causing water to overflow into the bathroom. Bath tubs that are overfilled can cause water to run over and flood onto the floor. If clogs occur in drains, blocking the flow of water, water can back up and spill out causing damage in your home. Anytime an appliance malfunctions, it can cause water to leak out and result in water damage. Be sure to keep drains clear and if you notice slow drainage, get it resolved before it can cause flooding. Do not overfill sinks or toilets, and be sure to only flush toilet paper in small amounts down the toilet. 

3. Weather-related damage:

Heavy rainfall can cause flash flooding, or can find its way into the foundation of your home if the gutters on your roof do not properly channel water away from your way.  This is why having gutters and downspouts is so important – without them, water is able to pool around the foundation where it can find its way inside. Since we cannot control the weather, the only thing we can do to help keep our homes safe from weather-related water damage is to be sure that gutters are clean and clear of debris or blockages, ensure downspouts direct water at least 3 feet away from your home, and be sure to purchase flood insurance if available in your policy just in case flash flooding occurs. 

Water Damage Cleanup in Auburn AL

There are a lot of potential sources of water damage that can require cleanup in your home, but no matter what the source, cause, or size of the water damage, Restoration 1 of East Alabama can get your water damage emergency cleaned up