What Is the Average Cost of Storm Damage Restoration in Columbus, GA?

Here in Columbus, we’re no strangers to afternoon thunderstorms and bad weather, especially as spring transitions to summer. Trees fall, windows break, and homes need repairs. The question is, how much will homeowners pay to recover from particularly bad weather?
There’s no firm answer to that question, unfortunately. Too many factors can impact the price of storm damage restoration, and some insurance companies and policies offer more coverage than others. We might not be able to give you a firm number, but we can tell you what influences the price of restoration services.
Does the Ceiling and Roof Need Repairs?You’ll likely pay close to a grand to repair a roof that’s been severely damaged. For example, if there are missing shingles or if your pipes, skylights, or chimnies have been impacted by the weather, you can expect to pay upward of $800 , according to national averages found by Home Advisor.
Was There Flooding?A major factor to consider is that most typical homeowners insurance policies won’t cover flooding caused by outside sources. That means that if the weather causes groundwater flooding or storm surges, you’ll likely need an additional policy to cover the damages. The contaminated water from rivers, lakes, and streets costs quite a bit to remove and clean up. Look into flood insurance policies now so you’re prepared for the bad storms to come in the future.
Call Restoration 1 of East Alabama for Fast Storm Damage Cleanup and RepairsStorms can strike suddenly and wreak massive amounts of damage in mere minutes. That’s why Restoration 1 of East Alabama offers 24/7 emergency storm damage restoration services. No matter when the bad weather hits, we’re available to begin repairs right after.