What To Do If A Fire Breaks Out

fire damage restoration columbusHouse fires can be a traumatizing event. They are very dangerous and take everything down with them. Watching it happen can make you feel helpless especially when you are unsure of what to do.

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The stress from fires can cloud your judgment so it’s important to know what to do ahead of time. This way, you are not doing things that will cause harm because you are thinking in the heat of the moment. It’s critical to know all of these important tips in order to keep yourself and others safe during this catastrophic event.

Do Not Run Back Into The Building

Nothing is more important than getting yourself out of the fire. Though you may want to run back in to save something from the fire, you must fight the urge to do so. It’s essential to allow professionals to combat the fire and get anything from the home that is important to you if possible. This is a much safer method rather than trying to risk your own life and health doing so. Make sure that you do not enter the building again until the Fire Department has stated that it is safe to do so.

Take Shelter

After getting out of the fire, it’s important that you establish a safe place to go that is away from the fire. Standing outside of the burning building is hazardous and can affect your skin, eyes, and lungs. Establishing this safe zone to go to ahead of time can be effective in ensuring that anyone in the home will meet in the same spot.

Get In Touch With Important Contacts

First and foremost, you need to contact 9-1-1 to reach the proper authorities that can deal with the task at hand. Let authorities know that you have vacated the premises and where you will be residing until the issue has been resolved. You will also need to contact your utility provider to shut off the electric, gas, and water in your home. After that, contact your insurance provider to notify them of the fire and to inquire what steps need to be taken next in order to file a claim. Additionally, contact family members to let them know of the situation and to figure out what the next steps can be.

Take Note Of Damage

Taking notes and pictures of your home will be very important when filing a claim and starting the cleanup process. Everything is worth taking note of so keep everything in mind when observing the damage. Take note of what documents were lost in the fire so that you can replace them in the future. In addition to this, get a copy of the fire report from the fire department.

Contact A Fire Restoration Company

Seeing your home go through a fire is difficult enough and adding a cleanup on top of that can just add extra stress that you do not need to put yourself through. To begin the process of fire damage cleanup, Restoration 1 can help you with any advice and offer resources that you need to ensure that you get a job well done. Professionals will do all that they can to bring your home back to its original state to the best of their ability by checking the integrity of your home, removing and cleaning soot and debris, and rebuilding.