Best Fire Prevention and Restoration Tips for Your Home

fire damage restoration columbus alHouse fires are traumatic, and they can leave the property owner with substantial fire damage repairs and restorations. The repairs leave your home unusable until the cleanup job is complete. Apart from soot, smoke, and structural damage, attempts to put out a fire can result in considerable water or flood damage to a house. You will require water damage and fire damage restoration to get the house back in good condition. However, there are several preventative measures you could put in place in your property to try and prevent residential fires.

Install a Smoke Detector

A working smoke alarm sensor can provide you with an early warning, allowing you to avoid or reduce the risk of fire and smoke damage. Ensure the batteries are fully charged and correctly inserted into the detector. The detector is more effective in detecting smoke and heat particles before the smoke smells can even get your attention. Detecting fire early also allows emergency personnel to respond to the disaster more quickly. Smoke alarms save lives and keep your home from being completely ruined.

Kitchen Safety

When cooking, avoid leaving a stove or oven unsupervised. Make sure there are no flammable items on your kitchen surfaces, such as paper plates, paper towels, or tea towels. It is also vital to wash your stove and oven regularly to ensure that there aren’t any remaining food particles that could catch fire while baking or grilling. The cost of restoring a kitchen after a fire is not only high, but it also poses a danger to the members of your household.

Store Flammable Liquids Safely

When not safely stored, flammable liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, and aerosol cans can cause major fires. Even just a tiny drop of one of these fluids outside of their cans can quickly catch fire from a spark. It is also crucial to keep such products out of the reach of kids by properly storing them. If possible, store them in a high, locked cabinet.

Maintaining Your Heating Equipment

Cleaning and maintaining heating equipment on a regular basis is necessary to minimize fire threats. Loose electrical cables, cracks, or wear in the heating system are all signs of poorly maintained equipment. Dust that has become too hot on a dirty device can quickly catch fire. These issues can be fatal, as they are prone to cause short circuits, resulting in hazardous fume leaks, combustion, or start a fire in your home.

Always Have Fire Extinguishers On Hand

Keeping a fire extinguisher on hand might make the difference between a minor fire and a huge inferno that destroys the entire property. Thus, you should always store a couple of fire extinguishers in your house (at least one in the kitchen) so that you can swiftly respond to and put out any fire that occurs while you are inside the house.

Fire Damage Restoration In Columbus, AL

Hopefully, by following these fire damage prevention tips, you will be able to avoid having a fire in your home. Nonetheless, if your residence is ever affected damaged by a fire and you require fire damage restoration in Columbus, AL, don’t hesitate to contact us at Restoration 1 of East Alabama for help. Call us to learn how we can assist you with the restoration of your house following a fire.