Disinfection Services

Professional COVID-19 Disinfection Services Available 24/7 for Commercial Locations

We understand the peace of mind that comes with having a safe, disinfected space. Likewise, we understand the stress and anxiety that can arise from the opposite scenario. At Restoration 1 of East Alabama, we specialize in the whole space disinfection of office buildings, gyms, clinics, warehouses, etc. Don’t let a virus slow down your business. Call today to discuss service options and response times to meet your needs.

Disinfection Services You Can Trust

Effective Solutions

We use CDC-approved and EPA registered industrial-strength disinfectants with a broad spectrum kill claim. What we use will deliver better results than any other disinfecting solution on the market. 

Free Estimates

We know each home and business has unique needs. That’s why we consider all aspects of your property before providing a fair price for all disinfecting services. 


Certified Professionals

Our experts are IICRC certified and wear fully encapsulated personal protective equipment (PPE) and full-face respirator masks at all times.


Commercial Disinfection Services

When you hire us to thoroughly disinfect your facility, our team members will arrange a timeframe that works with your schedule. This allows you to get the disinfection services you need with minimal disruption of day-to-day operations. Many times our clients need us the same day to deploy our disinfecting system due to high absenteeism or sickness in their office, daycare, clinic, school, or place of worship. We can come on the same day if there is an outbreak or epidemic in your facility. Our system can neutralize the threat of bacterias and viruses that are the cause of a virus, MRSA, colds, flu, measles, foodborne illness, and many other illnesses.

The process of disinfecting your building with our system is fast, safe, and efficient. We are here for you whenever you need us.

Facilities We Disinfect and Sanitize:

Office Disinfection Services

Complete office disinfection services protect you, your employees, and your customers.
Any surface can become a springboard for the nasty germs that cause illness. No matter how thoroughly and carefully you clean, most cleaning services just push germs around. Bleach and traditional disinfectants are yesterday’s weapons. They struggle to combat today’s more virulent and resistant germs. Unlike conventional cleaning, our disinfecting services are EPA certified to kill 99.9999% of pathogens like C Diff. Our system will kill mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Nursing Home Disinfection Services

In assisted living homes, every detail is crucial. Cleaning and disinfecting everything from resident rooms to shared areas like kitchens and lobbies can help make patients feel comfortable and happy, all while reducing your facility’s risk of the spread of infection.

We know that every facility is unique. That’s why we made it easy to customize our cleaning processes to address your specific cleaning needs and concerns.

We can help clean the following areas of your facility:

  • Entrances
  • Common areas
  • Resident rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Kitchens and dining areas 

School Disinfection Services

When we send out children to school, be it child care, elementary or high school, we want to know that they are safe on numerous levels. This includes being biologically safe, which means that surfaces, equipment, or toys our children handle are clean and as germ-free as possible. 

The Restoration 1 Promise

3 Steps For Complete Disinfection


Call Now

We’ll arrive equipped and ready in our PPE.


We Do the Work

We’ll ensure every surface is cleaned and disinfected.



You can relax knowing your property is a safe environment.

Let Restoration 1 Help With All Your Disinfection Needs

When it comes to disinfecting properties, we have all the tools, expertise, and resources to help you achieve your sanitation goals. No matter what type of property you own or manage, we’re dedicated to serving all our neighbors in East Alabama, Columbus, and surrounding areas. A disease outbreak is an extremely serious situation and we understand that the health and safety of you, your family, and your employees are on the line. Don’t take any chances; call in the professionals.