Fire or Water Damage? Tips For Dealing with Emergency Disaster Cleanup in Auburn, AL

Emergency Disaster Cleanup Auburn ALMany homeowners are unaware of the damage that can be caused by fire or water to property. Other than this, the homeowner spends a lot of time cleaning up after an accident without knowing the extent of the damage. Here are some tips on how to deal with cleanup and restoration.

The effects of a fire or flood can be devastating to your home or business. Fire and water damage can destroy everything from your furniture to irreplaceable items like family photos, and the cleanup process can be overwhelming.

What you do in the first few hours after a fire or flood can make a big difference in terms of getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible. Here are some tips from disaster cleanup pros that will help you get started:

Fire and Water Damage

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

You need to make sure that you are protected from the dangers of water damage. This is an inconvenience that can result in serious health concerns if you do not work towards getting it fixed ASAP. As such, your first course of action should be to turn off the source of the leak, and then take care of removing all traces of water in the area.

Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

This is likely one of the most horrifying things that you can face in life, but it happens every day, so don’t get too upset if it happens to you! Just focus on working with a professional who can help handle the cleanup for you.

Sewage Cleanup

If your house experiences sewage problems, this means that there has been a blockage somewhere by debris or even tree roots. If this happens, make sure that you turn off your electricity before trying to work through any kind of repair job so that way nobody gets electrocuted during their efforts. It will also be necessary for you to leave your home until everything is fixed because there are quite a few serious health concerns associated with sewage issues!

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation specialists will be able to clean and repair any mold issues in a safe manner without putting themselves or others at risk. You should call these experts as soon as possible if mold appears in your home because it could very well lead to serious health risks for those who are exposed regularly!

Water Damage

Water damage often results from a plumbing failure or a flood — but it can also be caused by the humidity in your home. While water damage can come swiftly, you may not even notice that your items have been damaged until later. That’s why we recommend immediately addressing any issues with water, and drying out your home as soon as possible.

If you have any issues with water damage, make sure to contact a professional to address them. Cleaning up on your own is dangerous; a professional will know exactly how to treat the affected area safely and effectively.

Fire Damage

No matter how big or small, fire damage is a nightmare. We’ve seen it all here at Restoration Company, from the small kitchen fires that just need the smoke to be sucked out of the room with a deodorizer to the major structural fires that leave nothing but soot and ash. The good news is that we can help.

If you have fire damage, give us a call for an estimate on your cleanup and restoration. Our technicians know what they’re doing, which is why we hold an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau as well as an Angie’s List “Super Service Award.” We also offer 24-hour emergency services when disaster strikes in your home or office.

Emergency Disaster Cleanup Auburn, AL

At Restoration 1 of East Alabama, we can handle everything from mold remediation and water damage cleanup to fire damage cleanup and remediation services. We also offer air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services in order to remove debris build-up after a disaster in your home. Our technicians are trained to take care of even the smallest details—from broken boards on cabinets to holes in drywall to smoke or water stains on walls and ceilings—so it won’t be long before your house is back to normal again!

When you need emergency disaster cleanup services in Auburn, AL, call us or visit our website to schedule service online.