Fire Safety Tips and Tricks Alexander City Homeowners Need for a Safe Holiday

The holiday season is meant to be a memorable time for friends and family to share. With all the extra components — decorations, holiday trees, cooking — it’s easy to forget that fire damage is a common holiday concern. We’ve gathered a few helpful fire safety tips to safeguard your festivities!
Seasonal Fire SafetyAuburn AL Fire Department & Restoration 1 of East AlabamaFire safety during the holidays is important. As Lorraine Carli, vice president of NFPA’s Outreach and Advocacy division, has said , “By knowing where potential fire hazards exist and taking the needed steps to prevent them, people can enjoy the season’s celebrations and traditions while keeping their families, guests and homes safe.” 
If you have any safety concerns or questions this holiday season, you can contact the Auburn Fire Division. 
Below are a few fire safety tips and facts to get you started.

  • Deck the Halls — While you’re busy decorating for the holidays, take a moment to inspect your string lights for signs of damage. You’ll want to replace any frayed wires promptly.
  • Prevent Tree Fires — For an artificial tree, avoid wrapping too many string lights around the branches. For a real tree, water it regularly to prevent dry, brittle branches.
  • Holiday Candle Safety — Whether you’re lighting scented candles, menorahs or kinaras, do not leave them unattended. Furthermore, keep the lit candles three feet from decorations, curtains and trees.
  • Fireplace Tips — The warmth and joy from a fire is excellent but stay safe by using a fire screen to block rolling embers or logs.
  • Holiday Cooking — Watch what you’re cooking — don’t leave the stove unattended, and clean grease spills quickly.

What is the Top Holiday Fire Prevention Tip for Your Community?Try not to go overboard with the string lights around your home. Your electrical system can only safely operate so many lights before you blow a fuse or something sparks.
Each year, three of every five home fires begins due to decorations, such as lighting. Do not add to the statistic this year.
“The Recipe for a Safe Family Holiday — The Do’s and Don’ts for Fire Prevention” — our fire safety tips and tricks guide — is now available to download for free!HOLIDAY FIRE PREVENTION