Professional Restoration Companies Follow ANSI and IICRC Recommendations, Here’s Why!

The ANSI and IICRC guidelines are the gold standard to follow for water damage remediation services in East Alabama/Columbus.

Professional restoration companies follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) guidelines for recommending safety protocols and practices related to remediation after a water damage loss. These are two agencies that have developed and created the common industry-approved standards, language, terminology and procedures to guide the overall and complete cleaning, inspection and restriction of any water, fire or loss project for repairs at a residential or commercial property.

Our technicians follow all standards for the remediation or cleaning, inspection and restoration of property after a water damage loss and remediation services at your property in the East Alabama/Columbus and surrounding areas. We are able to come to you with highly trained technicians who follow these standards to remediate water damage losses and claim in your area.
The IICRC offer specialized training and instruction on a variety of restoration and remediation topics, such as:
•    Applied Structural Drying
•    Water Damage Restoration
•    Fire and Smoke Restoration
•    Odor Control
•    Disaster Restoration Techniques
The standards are applied to restoration issues with water damage and restoration in regard to damage related to:
•    Updated drying technologies
•    Thermodynamics
•    Moisture control in materials
•    Consistent and falling drying rate stages
•    Evaporation rate factors
•    Optimum drying routines and schedules
•    Surface evaporation techniques
The training and protocols review the standards to safely and properly restore a residential or commercial property after a loss. Understanding and utilizing these standards on our restoration and remediation project jobs for our customers is an assurance of the ANSI and IICRC guidelines being followed on every remediation service in the East Alabama/Columbus and surrounding areas for water damage restoration. It is the reason that our business and team of technicians are highly trained in your field of restoration or remediation.

We are trained to manage all aspects of the repairs in the best possible scenarios in regards to materials, resources and safety of everyone concerned, including:
•    Building and environmental issues and structures
•    Airflow and temperature issues
•    Water saturation temperatures and factors
•    Heat energy factors
•    Determinations of restorable or unrestorable materials
•    Pump, extraction and removal of water techniques
•    Removal of debris and contaminated materials
•    Detailed cleaning with water extraction techniques
These standards and guidelines make the restoration process safer for the homeowner or the businesses owner before, during and after the restoration process begins the cleanup and repair projects on the property after a loss. When a professional restoration company follows ANSI and IICRC guidelines, the team working to restore their property is highly qualified to get the job done right the first time out.
It is possible that water damage can accompany an event that did not start out as a water damage claim or loss. For example, with a fire damage loss event, there will also be water damage involved in most cases. This could be as a result of the firefighters putting out the fire at the loss location, and there may be water damage to other areas of the home, or other floors if in an apartment or commercial building that sustained multiple area losses in fact. Professional restoration companies that follow IICRC guidelines will remediate the damage in a way that protects the health and safety of all residents, workers or occupants and will work to restore the property to where the customer will not know in the end that a fire or water damage loss ever took place in that location.

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