Sewage Cleanups – Contamination Proof the Correct Way!

Sewage Cleanups need to be managed quickly to prevent the spread of diseases.

Water damage can be heightened when sewage water is involved in the mix. Water damage is always considered an emergency, and when raw sewage has had a chance to run into the floodwaters, there is a higher chance of exposure to dangerous diseases and illnesses.

Sewage water can contain of deadly microorganisms such as:
•    Shigella
•    Salmonella
•    E. coli

For this reason, sewage cleanups should never allow standing water to remain at a residential or commercial property. Sewers can hold contaminants from large urban areas, and this may include the presence in the water of animal and human wastes, parasites, mold bacteria and viruses which are adversely affecting human health.

When you have sewage cleanup at your residential or commercial property, we are able to send in our technicians who are experts at safe cleanup of these hazards. We perform all HVAC remediation as well, to ensure that no contaminants are left in the residential or commercial duct systems. If microorganisms or mold is left in duct work, it is possible that the dampness can be spread throughout a residential or commercial property through the ducts. We review all HVAC systems during sewage, water damage or flood damage cleanup to prevent this issue from occurring in the future. Molds can affect the respiratory systems of individuals who are allergic to mold and mold spores, and can also cause:
•    Respiratory tract infections
•    Coughs
•    Headaches
•    Eye irriation
•    Fatigue

We perform a variety of sewage cleanup services, including:
•    HVAC system cleanouts
•    Cleanup of hard surfaces
•    Removal of all cleanup residue left by standing water
•    Careful use of disinfectants
•    Sanitization services
•    Neutralizing of organic matter
•    Decontamination services

Whenever you experience water damage, floodwaters or sewage damage at your home or office property, just give us a call. We will come to you without delay and remediate your water damage right away. We are here for you 24/7, call now! We have crews standing by day and night to take your call. Our technicians will give you the peace of mind that you deserve!