Summer Storms and Emergency Disaster Cleanup

Emergency Disaster Cleanup Auburn ALAs a homeowner and resident, you know Auburn, Alabama offers loads of Southern hospitality in a tight-knit community. Although we love summers, the heat can sometimes drive us indoors. And when the breezes come off the Gulf of Mexico, they can kick up some serious summer storms with the potential for baseball sized hail and driving winds. 

Emergency Disaster Cleanup in Auburn AL

Sometimes our crazy weather causes significant damage that requires emergency cleanup. Restoration 1 of East Alabama is the service company to call after:


Dixie Alley is ranked second in the U.S for the deadliest tornadoes. Peak season is March through May but University of Alabama notes that Tuscaloosa has a second tornado season from November to early December. Flying debris, circulating high winds, and the immense change in pressure can cause devastating damage to your home. After a tornado, you’ll need a professional emergency disaster cleanup team to help you safely clean up and repair your home. 

Heavy Rains and Strong Winds

You don’t need an epic weather event to experience water damage. Even light rainfall can seep in through cracked windows, holes in the roof, rotten eaves. Unfortunately, once there is a way for water to enter, strong winds can drive moisture into the internal layers of building materials. 

Hidden water leaks like this can also lead to mold growth and structural damage over time. Mold thrives in warm wet places with poor ventilation, low light, and a food source. Once mold flourishes, it can spread through the home’s ventilation system and cause the residents health problems. 


All that Gulf moisture can get caught in a low pressure spot and dump rain for days, resulting in flash floods. As flood water travels across roads, it picks up debris, contaminates, and pathogens. Professional cleanup crews will take extra precautions to keep themselves and your family safe: protective equipment, adequate ventilation, mold fungicides, proper trash disposal. 

Roof Tarping & Board Up Services 

If your home suffered a disaster, think before going on the roof! Don’t attempt to get up there to look around; let the professionals use safety equipment to inspect. If they find an egress (a place where water can get it) they will protect the area. Tarps can prevent further rain from entering your home. 

Board-up and tarping can also protect your property vandals, pests, and the next storm. Once property repairs are complete, the emergency disaster cleanup experts at Restoration 1 will remove these temporary protective barriers.

Will Homeowners Insurance Pay for Disaster Cleanup?

You purchase an insurance policy to cover predictable but unusual costs.  Homeowners policies provide coverage for damage that is “sudden and accidental” like hail. However, flooding sewer backup, seasonal storms and overflowing bodies of water may not be covered by standard homeowners policies. 

Research your risk. Weigh that against the cost to purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. Your insurance agent may have first hand knowledge of other neighbors that experienced a flood.  

For Emergency Disaster Cleanup In Auburn  

Strolling downtown, enjoying the Robert Trent Jones Trail, and spending time with family is the best way to experience summer in Auburn. If a weather disaster  damages your home, get the top team to help you recover. Restoration 1 of East Alabama is your #1 resource for water damage restoration, flood restoration, mold remediation, and support after a disaster.