Water Damage Effects on Auburn Office Buildings

water damage cleanup auburn alThe consequences of a water damage disaster in an office building are severe. Office losses can occur as a result of water damage to facility furniture and equipment, as well as the destruction of files and paper documents. Water damage in commercial properties affects much more than just the building. In several cases, it has an impact on staff, clients, and even your income stream. From our flood and water damage cleanup specialists at Restoration 1 of East Alabama, here are several of the main impacts of water damage in office buildings.

Water Damage Cleanup in Auburn AL

Mold Development

Mold formation is a constant concern whenever there is water damage. You don’t want mold to grow and spread across the whole building even before the water is drained. That is because mold and mildew are extremely hard to eradicate once it has taken root in a structure. There is a good chance it will return and end up causing you more issues in the long run. Ensure you contact a skilled water damage cleanup team as early as possible so that the water removal work can begin.

Property and Equipment Damage

The most immediate problem with water damage is property as well as equipment damage. Water could completely ruin electrical systems such as inventory control, point-of-sale, time tracking, and also laptop and desktop computers. Water can also cause damage to supplies and materials used in operations. It also affects structural components such as flooring, drywall, ceilings, and lighting. Repairing or replacing these materials can be costly.

Reduced Employee Morale

Trying to deal with the aftermath of a flood is undoubtedly detrimental to staff morale. Make sure you are extremely sensitive to your workers’ needs and concerns, whether they should keep working during loud repairs, keep putting up with unpleasant odors from the water, or are concerned about making contact with unclean flood water. If at all possible, send your staff members home during the major parts of the restoration process. Ensure they are aware you recognize their discomfort and value the work they do.

Lower Customer Appeal

Reduced customer appeal is an essential aspect to consider when dealing with flood damage. This is dependent on whether or not you are having customers coming in and out of the property regularly. If you do, it is crucial that you take the issue seriously. Clients or customers who are exposed to water damage in your office may lose interest in you and you could clients in the future.

Revenue Loss

Revenue loss is by far the most serious concern for company owners following a water loss. Organizations may be forced to close while the structure is dried out and restored. Early detection of a water loss can reduce downtime and profit loss.

Hire Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Experts

Commercial flood damage is nothing to be taken lightly. The best way to cut water damage costs is to detect it early and hire experts as quickly as possible. Call Restoration 1 of East Alabama for flood and water damage cleanup in Auburn Al if your commercial property is ever damaged. We will only provide the highest quality service, and results. We are open 24/7 for any emergency!