Dealing With the Aftermath of Storm Damage in Your East Alabama Home

Dealing with property damage, especially damage from a severe storm, can be overwhelming. You, as a homeowner, are likely prepared for various occurrences involving minor damage. You know how to handle a plumbing leak, for example. But cleaning up after a hurricane, tornado, or other severe storm is an entirely new level of work. It’s […]

The Home Fire Problem in East Alabama

In warmer, more humid climates like we have across the South, there comes a need to have adequate air conditioning to come home to. But you may not know that older air conditioning units, or overworked air conditioning units, can become very real hazards that could result in horrible home fires. With that in mind, […]

Terrifying Facts About Tornadoes

In East Alabama, tornadoes are a scary possibility that we have to accept every time the season rolls around. On July 21, 2018, the town of Opelika experienced severe thunderstorms and an EF-0 tornado with visible rotation. It was a frightening event for residents of the area and served as a reminder that tornadoes are […]

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