How Ready Is Your Roof for a Hurricane?

How Ready Is Your Roof for a Hurricane in East Alabama? During tropical depressions, hurricanes, or wind-driven storms, you could experience wind gusts, flying debris, or torrential downpours that could significantly damage your home. Roofs are especially vulnerable because of their exposed location and large surface area. If your roof shingles tear off, you can […]

The Difference Between New and Old Water Damage

The difference between new and old water damage in your Opelika home Water damage is one of the most common problems that a property may face. Especially if it is not in plain sight, a multitude of problems can arise. In addition to the pipes in the basement, you may also find them in your […]

Water damage cleanup and restoration services by trained professionals.

Professionals in East Alabama/Columbus provide water damage cleanup and restoration services. The body content of your post goes here. To edit this text, click on it and delete this default text and start typing your own or paste your own from a different source.

Sewage: A danger in your home or office.

Certified professionals provide sewage cleanup in East Alabama/Columbus. Raw sewage in your home or commercial property is a serious situation that needs handling with great caution. Trained professionals must remove the sewage, meticulously clean, and deodorize the area because of the dangers of breathing or coming into contact with it. The majority of people know […]

Professionals Need To Cleanup and Restore Water Damage

Professionals in E. Alabama cleanup and restore water damage. Pipes bursting and letting massive amounts of uncontained water flow into your home is never an anticipated event. It is a crisis creating the need for quick action to occur. Water damage cleanup and restoration need to be done by professionals who specialize in this service. […]

Are foods safe to eat after a fire?

In East Alabama, do you know what foods are safe to eat after a fire? Do you realize that fire damage is much more than just flames? Smoke damage and remnants of the extreme heat and firefighting chemicals remain long after a fire is put out. If you are unfortunate to have a fire break […]

Pet odors in the home, how to get rid of them

Do you need a restoration company to remove pet odors in your East Alabama home? Pet odors in your home can be challenging to keep ahead of. There are less expensive short-term approaches and costly long term approaches, but the bottom line is how well you keep up with your cleanup abilities. Did you just […]

The dangers of Motel Mold!

Have you stayed in a motel filled with mold in East Alabama? The idea behind a motel/hotel was a place for travelers to rest themselves from traveling that mimicked home. Years ago, it was considered to be a safe and tranquil place, unlike the establishments of today. Fly by night motels with monetary bottom lines […]

Are you purchasing a home knowing that it has sustained water damage?

Are you making a risky investment buying a water damaged house or business in East Alabama? You found your dream home. Great location, ideal layout, perfect size and design with the right amount of rooms. You are ready to go and then you find out it has sustained water damage. This can be a risky […]

What types of Parasites and Bacteria are found in sewage water?

Are you aware of sewage water parasites that can make you ill in East Alabama? Sewage water contains many microorganisms coming from sanitary waste and soil. In a single quart of sewage, there can be anywhere from 100,000 to 1,000,000 microorganisms lurking around. While some of these bacterial organisms are an integral part of the […]

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